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The Wooden Letter Board has become a firm favourite of ours, ideal for planning, jotting down ideas or as an interchangeable menu board. It's the perfect creative template for the cafe, home or studio. Here's how we like to use ours.

Menu Board. Seasons change and so should the food on your menu. The Letter Display letterboard allows you to design what's on offer, and share it creatively with your customers. 

 Chart Your Success. By making a physical note of your goals, you're more likely to achieve them. Use the Letter Board to remind yourself of everything that's important.

Have fun. Lighten the mood with a fun saying. 

Split it up. The Letter Board can be put to any number of things. We particularly like when it's split up and used as individual signs. 


Stay present. Sometimes its all to easy to get caught up in the pace and technology of the world and it's important to take stock of the good things. Use the Letter Board to spell out a thoughtful motto to remind you to live in the moment. Here's a personal favourite of ours...

Brush your teeth. Set the Letter Board up in multiple rooms, as a gentle reminder to brush your teeth, or eat your greens. 



These are only a few ways to use the Letter Board. Its uses are endless and only limited to your imagination. Head over here to view the Letter Display letterboard


We also have a few other Letter Board products such as the smaller version Scout Letter Board and the Magnetic Baker Menu








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