• Retail racking for Thanks


    Being a retail space, the brief for this project was about both functionality and aesthetics. We realised there was more of a science to retail display design than we first thought. Eye level, layout, new released sections, traffic flow... All things you don't think about when browsing a clothing store or gift store. We sat down with Jake and Tom, two retail veterans and talked about the customers habits, where things sell, why things sell and everything else. Jake, the store owner doesn't mind fishing. It went without saying that the store was going to be built with nautical inspiration. We mixed the store with a balance of fixed hanging sections, free-standing racks and flat surfaces. Industrial grade galvanized tube was the most functional choice for clothing racking system which is going to last. In-store racking fit-out and Wallace trestle table for Thanks was a fun and satisfying project. Solid Industrial steel racking that is designed to last.

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