1) Adjustable - Industrial steel fittings are suitable for shop clothes racking as it can be easily moved by anyone with an allen key to different heights. The adjustability is one of the key reasons we recommend industrial racking to customers.

2) Galvanised - Our industrial steel clothes racking is galvanised, which is an industrial process that ensures the racks will never rust, even if left outside for years. 

3) Strength - The Industrial clothing racks (along with every other project we have used galvanised steel) are a formidable structure, which are guaranteed very strong. The clothing racks come with a lifetime warranty to show how certain we are regarding the strength of our clothing racks.


4) Varied uses - The industrial steel we use for our clothes racks can be used for many other purposes, such as for our draughtsman tables. The draughtsman table is a variation from our trestle table that gives the user a larger work area.

5) Different colours - Galvanised steel can be powder coated to any colour you choose.

6) Simple - The industrial clothing rack is a simple structure. In the case of a clothing rack, we think that the simpler it is, the better.

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