• Clyde Street Project

    We originally started G&W so we could make things and use our hands on the day to day. As the business grew we gravitated towards the computer, which was a bit sad. Although we still spend a lot of our time in the workshop, we were keen to get stuck into a big project in the weekends and after work.

    We have been renovating a 90 square meter house on Clyde street in The Mount based on a couple philosophies;

    • We hate gib
    • We love wood

    We spoke to our mate at Tauriko Sawmill and he dropped off 1.8 kms of Lawson Cypress seconds for super cheap, it had heaps of knots which we thought we could make work. Basically the stuff no one else wanted.


    The house was insulated with munched up cardboard, which was a mission to get out, above is a photo of George with the STIHL garden blower trying to get in out.

    Johnny putting the floor in

    The ceiling was flat and the main room felt a bit small, so we ripped the ceiling out and matched the ceiling to the roofline, exposed the trusses and opened up the space.

    Pretty stoked on how its all going and it's been fun pretending to be builders for a few weeks.

    If you are wanting to do any interior lining with timber, Lawson is a great choice, lovely to work with a smells absolutely beautiful.