Things happen when you write them down, so we made a simple & functional wall mounted bracket to help you get organised. Here's a guide to help you to install your roller.
    1) Select a wall space to install the Roller. 
    2) Make sure it's solid. Find a stud and fasten the first screw.
    3) Grab your level and position the bracket so that it is perfectly horizontal.
    4) Fasten the second screw into a stud. Continue to fasten the remaining screws until the bracket is securely fixed to the wall. 
    5) Slide the round bar through the paper core. Lift the bar onto the bracket and slide it down into the guides. 
    5) Pull the kraft paper down the wall until you reach your desired length. We recommend between 900-100 cm. Fasten your first screw.
    6) Place a level on top and position the flat bar so that it is perfectly horizontal. Fasten the second screw and make sure the bar is secured. 
    7) When you write a list, you must always put a few things down that you have already finished so you can cross them off straight away. 
    Explore the range of different sizes here.
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