Meet the Team - Beau Vipond

Meet the Team - Beau Vipond


Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Waihi Beach, about an hour out of Tauranga. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communications with a Major in Marketing. People would describe me as very social, I'm always out and about seeing friends, exploring, or going on adventures. I'd say I thrive off being busy, I am always juggling about 10 things at a time. It's organised chaos. 


What does your day to day look like at George & Willy?

I’m first into the office so the start of my day is being office mum, I turn on everyone’s heater and get the coffee machine ready for when the team arrives. I then do the daily tasks, replying to emails, sourcing epic shots customers have tagged us in, and helping key accounts.


What is your favourite thing about your career?

I love being able to make a difference and help others. I love the customer rapport I build along the way. I’d say I’m an extrovert so being able to create positive relationships with others is really important for me.


Orakawa Bay


What motivates you?

I’ve always been really motivated to have a good life balance, which looks a little bit different for everyone. Being fit, happy and healthy is my main motivation.


Greatest professional advice someone’s ever given you?

Good question. I’d say it would be to back yourself. There’ll be times where others don’t see your vision so it is vital you believe in yourself.


Favourite weekend adventure?

It has got to be in summertime being out on the water with my friends. We are lucky enough to head out most weekends in summer to wakeboard and cruise around on the jet ski. There's always an aspect of outdoors/exercising incorporated into my weekends. 


 Shelly Bay


Best way to start the day?

Exercising on the beach at sunrise followed by a swim


Best purchase?

My dog, Goose, has got to be my favourite thing. He’s a cavoodle and knows how to bark on command and give hugs. Goose comes out on the water with us in a bright orange lifejacket. I’m lucky enough to be able to bring him into the office with me occasionally!



What’s your idea of the perfect vacation?

I have been dreaming of a vacation since we went into lockdown. I would love to head to Aussie to see my best mate, then fly to Canada to learn how to snowboard and spend time travelling around the National Parks, then heading back to warmer extremities for a relaxing few days by the ocean. All in all, my perfect vacation is really three I’ve mushed together to call one.


Matakana Island


What are you working on outside of G&W?

I am a Reformer Pilates Instructor so spend time creating new ideas and taking classes. There is so much job satisfaction in supporting clients to reach their goals. I'm also self publishing a book!



What is your favourite George and Willy product?

Definitely the Hanging Drying Rack! As someone who has dealt with crappy clothes horses in the past, this product has been a life saver.


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