• Tokyo Fish Market


    Along with longevity, knives and making cars, Japanese people really enjoy fish.

    I went to Tokyo earlier this year for a ski holiday but with a couple days in Tokyo before we headed to the hills I had a quick google of the top things to do.

    The Tsukiji Fish Markets kick off at 4am, followed by the Tuna auctions at 5am where restaurant owners and distributors come to buy the catches that have landed.

    I was definitely a bit disturbed when I walked past crates of palm sized snapper and hundreds of bean bag sized Tuna, had to wonder how long this could go on for?

    Tourists are welcome at the auctions but not at rest of the market - I stuck out like a sore thumb, dodging forklifts, camera around the neck, so if you head there I would recommend buying one of those face masks which they wear over there and a hoodie and you'll be able to get more amongst it.

    If you find yourself with a spare morning in Tokyo I would definitely recommend going and make sure you have the Sushi breakfast there as well, you won't know anything your eating or anything they are saying.

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