From wedding welcome signs to A-frame signs, wayfinding signage, menu signage or bar signage, signage for your wedding can be the magic touch to your big day that pulls everything together perfectly. More than just a way to display important information, wedding signage will complement your style and vision for the big day. From wedding welcome signs, to chalkboard wedding signs, wedding bar signs and seating plan signs. Signage for your wedding is an important aspect of your day, to ensure everything runs smoothly - and looks amazing. 

Wedding Signage

So why is wedding signage so important? Large venues or places guests may not have been before can be confusing and your guests may not know which way is what. We recommend thinking about wedding signage to point your guests in the right direction, towards places such as the dance floor, bathrooms and the bar, or to list important details such as a seating plan, wedding welcome sign or the drinks and dinner menu. Signage for your wedding can be a fun and exciting aspect to plan, so think about your designs and make it unique to you and your partner! 

 Wedding Signage

Below is a list of our favorite George and Willy wedding signage options, each sign arrives with you blank, giving you the freedom to personalize and customize everything you need to say, the perfect stepping stone to planning the signage for your wedding.

Wedding Welcome Sign A-frame Sign - “Wedding this way”  

The A-frame Sign is the ideal wedding welcome sign to invite your guests in and point them in the right direction, first impressions count and the first sight of your wedding signage is really going to portray the look and feel of your day. The A-Frame Sign, available in black or white with quality leather finishings is designed to be the perfect template for your wedding signage, with the opportunity for lettering on either side of the faceplate, why not use the A-frame sign for different times of the day! We love to display, “Wedding this way” or “Please take a seat” to introduce the signage aesthetic for your wedding. 

Wedding Signage

Round Sign for “Inga & Hugo's Wedding...” 

A firm favorite in our studio! The Round sign is another option for your unique wedding welcome sign, simply take the Round Sign to your local signwriter and speak with them about applying a vinyl sticker to your wedding signage to personalize the sign and make it unique to you and your day. We love the use of the round sign in addition to the A-frame Sign as an extra welcome to your guests or a unique way to display your personal monogram or wedding day artwork. The Round Sign is a timeless design and will compliment all styles and truly elevate the signage for your wedding. 

Wedding Signage

Wooden Letter Board - Seating plan by @gritandgraceinc photo by @abbyjiu 

The most important part of your wedding signage! We love this statement seating plan installation, using our Wooden Letter Board. Your guests will seamlessly find their way to the correct table, and why not make a statement out of it! A fun and uniquely you way to personalize the signage for your wedding.

Wedding Signage

Blade Sign - “Open Bar"

The Blade Sign is the perfect size to sit on the corner of the bar to let guests know about your favorite beverages of the night or cocktail options. Signage for your wedding can be fun and unique so choose a design that is unique to you and your partner. We love the idea of having multiple blade signs scattered around the reception with messages for your guests! Available in black or white, the Blade Sign is the perfect size for smaller notes to your guests, perfect to complete your wedding signage look.  

Wedding Signage

Chalkboard Menu - “Bar Menu” 

The Market Chalkboard is a beautiful option for wedding signage to display your chosen menu, hang behind the bar, and get creative with your handwriting! Or display the order of events of the day exactly how you like. Chalkboard wedding signs are a unique and fun way to write out exactly what you want to say - we love that they are also super easy to change at the last minute if need be.  

Signage for your wedding really does add that finishing touch to your day, it speaks a lot about your style as a couple, your design aesthetic, and the way you want your guests to feel. Whether it be for wedding welcome signs ot wedding bar signs, we would love to see how you are using George and Willy signage for your wedding!

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