• Bar Leaner for Latch

    Our friends Dave and Mark from Otago uni started an app consultancy team in Auckland called Latch.

    They moved their operation into a loft in Britomart.

    We met them in their space to talk about making some bit and pieces for them.

    We were stoked to get the chance to work with Dave and Mark and also stoked to be doing a fitout in a brick room with old Rimu rafters.

    We received the brief from Latch, their key focus was functionality and simplicity. The space was on the 9th level of a building with no freight elevator - this all needed to be flatpack.

    Latch were set on using the project trestle tables to use as their desks. Google was started on trestle desks. 

    The big custom stuff was a barleaner 'which needs to be able to be danced on' and a board room table.

    This brief allowed us to use two of our favorite elements - matte black powder-coated steel and stainless steel bolts. Materials which are not going anywhere and rust is not going anywhere near.

    In other projects we have used Keruing plywood - the ply which is used on truck decking, renowned for its hardwearing surface and deep walnut colour. 

    The mixture of these three materials is masculine and timeless.

    If you were going to make a table to be used in the Japanese tuna works the design would not be much different to this.

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