• The Wood Box

    When we first started making trestle tables for ourselves we were left with stacks of 12mm squares of plywood.

    Too big for the scrap bin, they sat on the shelf for a few months, collecting dust.
    Will made his Dad a wooden box for his birthday which he could store his shoe polishing things in. This was a shallow square box with a lid. We were traveling around alot with our tools in the back of the car and needed something to store all our things in.

    The offcuts were very similar to the size of ABC beer crates. We measured one and replicated the classic beer crate but gave it strength, handles, a solid form - which nothing could fall out of and a branded tree on the side. 

    The corners are mitered to simplify the grain on the outside.

    An A4 piece of paper lies comfortably inside the box.

    The crates were used for almost everything from then on here are a few of the uses:

    The uses are unlimited:

    • firewood box
    • bedside Table
    • bread box
    • fly fishing gear box
    • pine cone box
    • fruit box
    • shelving box
    • toy box
    • child's seat
    • tool box
    • veggie harvesting box
    • taking wine and food up the bach for the weekend
    • storing keepsakes
    • wrapping paper storage
    • storing paint cans
    • practice golf balls


    Here is a little video of the wood box:




    Guaranteed to become a faithful friend for many years to come.
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