Kraft Paper Roll

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We're sure you're full of amazing ideas, so keep them coming with a Kraft Paper Roll top-up as you need it.

Kraft Paper Roll for the 47.5cm (18"), 62cm (24"), 92cm (36") and 120cm (48") Studio Roller.


45cm (18") = 75m (L) x 17.6"/45cm (W) x 5.7"/14.5cm (diameter) x 100 gsm - 3kg

60cm (24") = 75m (L) x 23.6"/60cm (W) x 5.7"/14.5cm (diameter) x 100 gsm - 4.5kg

90cm (36") = 75m (L) x 35.4"/90cm (W) x 5.7"/14.5cm (diameter) x 100 gsm - 6kg

120cm (48") = 75m (L) x 47.2"/120cm (W) x 5.7"/14.5cm (diameter) x 100 gsm - 9kg

Customer Reviews

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Frankey Bello

Freshly installed our very own George and Willy. The kids will be in creative heaven


I waited a long time to make this dream come true


When we built The Rocks 6 years ago, the G&W paper roller was one of the first decor pieces we purchased. I wanted something to display welcome info and wifi for our guests and it was the perfect option! We still love it 6 years later and has become an iconic part of The Rocks!

Michael Gardenia @fusillolab

Minimalistic, while maintaining a tactile and warm feeling. It’s clear that your products are made to last and they are designed with functionality in mind, which is why they ended up becoming essentials here at Fusillo.

Jenny Cam
Love this product

Love this product. great for changing menu and pricing. easy to install. Super easy to use and looks great.