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 The George & Willy Fire Starter provides a revolutionary way to light your fire.

Without kindling.

Without newspaper. 

Without fire starters.

Without fail.

Inspired by Alaskan whalers of the 18th century, who used whale fat as an innovative way to light a substantial fire.

The porous ceramic stone is specifically engineered to absorb the oil and produce a generous flame for a period of 15-20 minutes. This provides ample amount of time to catch large logs alight,  eliminating the need for newspaper and kindling.

The oil-filled vessel sits on the hearth, ready to be used daily.  Lamp oil is available from local hardware stores.


Quick and easy to use

100% success rate

A more economical alternative to kindling

No fire preparation needed

Saves time and manual labour

No mess


Remove the firestone from the vessel, ignite with a match, place the firestone in the fireplace and cover with seasoned firewood.

Remove the firestone after 15 minutes, when the firewood has ignited. Allow to cool on the hearth and place back in the vessel.

Suitable for both open fires and wood burners.


Pot: 170mm x 100mm x 100mm

Handle: 400mm long


The Firestarter comes in a plywood giftbox with unscented lamp oil, instructions and matches and is ready to use.

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$10 shipping in New Zealand

Worldwide shipping $59 NZD to your doorstep

*Orders outside New Zealand will not receive the oil, but it is available from your local hardware store.

$340.00 NZD


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