Peg Letter Boards are the perfect way to share words or inspiration in your home, business or cafe. The Wooden Menu boards are designed to be easily changed with the use of peg letters that slot into the perforated face of the wooden menu boards. When we first started George and Willy, we specialized in a lot of wooden products, we did cafe-fit-outs and office furniture that was made with beautiful birch wood such as the Wooden Peg Board shelving unit. With the addition of letter boards, it felt perfect to add birch into the collection again in the format of a wooden letter board.


peg letter board

Taking inspiration from the retro-styled felt letter boards that are reminiscent of diners and class photo boards, the Wooden Peg Letter Board is a cut above. Made from architectural grade birch ply which looks beautiful to off-set bold colors, or to add a natural palette to modern and bright spaces.

peg letter board

Our favorite way to use the Park Letter Board with Peg Letters is as a cafe menu either mounted to your wall with screws or rested on your benchtop so that it is easy to move around to suit your interior signage needs. The black menu board stands out on white walls or blends with darker shades. Otherwise, when you use the natural wooden peg letter board, it adds a natural and relaxed element to your interior.

peg letter board
We love the use of the Peg Letter Board when there are multiple boards stacked along the wall. With this format, you can delve into visual hierarchies to help you communicate your menu, this allows your visitors to read your messages easily, to help influence the way your message is perceived and create a focal point within your space with the use of your peg letter menu.
peg letter board
If you are looking for another menu option that is inspired by the past, the Market Chalk Board. It's an alternative sign option and an incredibly efficient way of sharing words in a hurry. The flexibility can't be beaten by decals or printed menu boards. Not to mention, chalk makes us nostalgic, and nostalgia makes us feel good - it reminds us of the gold old days.
Peg Menu Board

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