Scout Letter Board

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The Scout Letter Board is a mini changeable wooden menu board designed for cafes, restaurants, and homes to share coffee menus, inspirational wallboard quotes, or important messages.

• Comes with 400 wooden letter and number tiles
• 12 X aluminum rails 
• Includes a
dditional alphabet and number stickers 


Rails: 19.6"/500mm (L) x 0.8"/22mm (H)
Tiles: 0.5"/15mm (W) x 0.7"/20mm (H) x 0.1"/3mm (D)
Each Set Contains: 12 rails and 400 letter tiles

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A delicate take on our classic Wooden Letter Board, for smaller spaces.

If you are looking for larger menu boards there's the changeable magnet menu, the Baker Menu, or if you would like wooden bakery menus, the Park Letter Board is the perfect addition to your interior signage. For a much larger option, take a look at the Big Wooden Letter Board.

Can the Scout Letter Board display be drilled into a tile?

Yes, you can mount the coffee menu board to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from the hardware store though as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick.

What tools are needed for installing the changeable letter menu board?

The changeable letter menu board comes with all the necessary hardware for getting your cafe menu up and running, all you will need is an extra set of hands, a level, and a drill. The Scout Letter Board is very easy to install, with handy instructions included, but we've also put together a helpful guide on the assembly process here

How big is the changeable wall board?

The scrabble-inspired Scout Menu Board is 9.6"/500mm wide. The height of the mini menu board can be adjusted to suit the space that you are mounting it in. We like having the rails sitting on top of one another so it is tight and tidy with no gaps between the rails.

Is there a bigger size of the Scout Letter Board?

Yes, there sure is. The Scout Letter Board changeable letters are the small version of the larger Wooden Letter Board. For an even bigger option, take a look at the Big Wooden Letter Board.

Can I order extra display letters or rails if I run out?

Yes, if you find that you need another set of Scout Letter Board tiles or rails for your menu once you have ordered, we sell extra kits of the changeable display letters here, and extra sets of the rails here. Otherwise, all of our wooden letter displays come with extra vinyl stickers of characters that can be placed on the blank back of tiles if you run out of any letters.

Assembly Instructions

Each Scout Letter Board comes with all the necessary hardware to get going, with handy instructions below.

Download Instructions PDF


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