Counter Signs - Set of 12

$180 USD

Color: Black

These custom Counter Signs are a better way to label and price the little things. Counter display signs for pastries, ceramics, and everything in between. Magnet letters make it easy to change what’s on offer with our custom countertop signs.


    Sign Face: 3.5"/90mm (L) x 1.7"/43mm (W)
    Small Magnet Letters: 0.3"/7mm (L) x 0.2"/5mm (W)
    Large Magnet Letters: 0.4"/9.72mm (L) x 0.3"/6.9mm (W)
    Material: Steel, Magnet
    Weight: 2.2lbs/0.8kgs

    *Includes 12 x individual signs & 1,680 x letters, numbers, and symbols.
    Suitable for indoor use only.


    How big is the faceplate on the metal Counter Sign?

    The faceplate on the metal Counter Sign measures 3.5"/90mm (H) x 1.7"/43mm (W).

    How many letters and numbers come with the Counter Signs?

    Each order of Counter Signs comes with two sheets of magnet letters and numbers, with 1,680 symbols in total.

    Can I buy extra magnets if I run out?

    We do not sell extra magnet letters or numbers, but we've included more than enough in each pack to have your displays up and running in no time.

    How many Counter Signs will come in each pack?

    Each pack comes with 12 Counter Signs and two sheets of magnetic letters.

    What material is the metal price sign made from?

    The Counter Sign is made from magnetic steel.

    How can I display messages on the metal Counter Signs?

    The Counter Signs can be used with magnet letters, written on in chalk (we would not recommend using liquid chalk pens), or you could apply a vinyl decal for a more permanent message. 

    Do you also brand the Counter Signs or do you only sell them as blanks?

    We only supply the Counter Signs blank. However, the Counter Signs are really easy to get branded. Simply take it to your local signwriter or printer and they will be able to apply a vinyl decal of your artwork to the sign. Just tell them it is going on a 3.5mm/90mm (H) x 1.7"/43mm (W) faceplate.

    What other countertop options does George & Willy sell?

    We also sell the Card Counter Signs, the Standing Counter Signs, the Pricing Signs, and the Table Talkers for something a little different. Have a look at our complete Tabletop Collection for more.

    Do the Counter Signs come with chalk?

    The Counter Signs do not come with chalk, but it's very easy to find in your local stationery or art store.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 243 reviews

    Love the counter signs! They are easy to use, sleek and contemporary. We love the product and the way it looks in our bakery case. Great for quick sign changing and looks upscale!

    Elias Lucero

    We purchased the small magnetic countertop signs/labels and they look great on our shelves, on our counters, and in our pastry case. They come with more than enough characters and they're small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to read. The color and finish are great--would highly recommend.


    Love at first bite 🍪😋

    Mandie Garcia

    I am so pleased with the quality, design and color. These signs are sturdy, the magnet and magnetic letters are strong and great quality. These signs are so useful in my coffee shop, I’m always changing up my pastry and bean menu and these make it so simple to update and they always look so cute! I’ve received so many compliments, I hope that has translated to extra biz for G&W


    Putting the final touches on display.