Wooden Letter Board

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$390 USD

Wooden Letter Board

Regular price
$390 USD
Product specifications

The Wooden Letter Board is a beautiful way to use display lettering for your menu, to-do-list, or for announcements in your space.

Each Menu board comes with a changeable set of wooden alphabet tiles and a set of rails and screws for easy installation. Additional alphabet stickers are included to apply to the back of spare tiles, should you need any extra to complete your letter board.

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Rails: 39.4"/1000mm L x .4"/12mm H x .3"/10 mm W
Tiles: 1.4"/35mm L x 1.8"/46mm H x .1"/4mm W
Half set: 10 rails and 400 letter tiles
Full set: 20 rails and 800 letter tiles 

Rails: 39.4"/1000mm L x .4"/12mm H x .3"/10 mm W
Tiles: 1.4"/35mm L x 1.8"/46mm H x .1"/4mm W
Half set: 10 rails and 400 letter tiles
Full set: 20 rails and 800 letter tiles

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Half Set Rates:
$19 USD United States and Canada
$26 AUD Australia
€24 Europe
£22 United Kingdom
$19 USD Asia
$8 NZD New Zealand

George & Willy has no control over any customs or import duties that could be levied when the parcel reaches your destination country and for which you will be liable. These customs charges can also cause delays.

Can you provide longer rails for the Wooden Letter Board?

No sorry, we don’t make custom-sized Letter Board sets. However, if you add two Menu Board rails together horizontally you will double their length.

Does the Wooden Letter Board come with numbered tiles so we can put prices on our menu as well?

Yes there sure is, When you order a full set Wooden Letter Board, it comes with 20 tiles of each number from 0-9.

Can I order extra Display letters if I run out?

Yes, if you find that you need another set of Wooden Letter tiles for your Menu Board once you have ordered, we can arrange this for you. Simply get in touch. Otherwise, All of our Wooden letter displays come with extra vinyl stickers of characters that can be placed on the blank back of tiles if you run out of any letters.

Do you offer bulk discounts on Wooden Letter Boards?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts on all of our menu boards when used for commercial fit-outs and ordering more than ten units, simply get in touch with our team.   

Do you offer the Wooden Letter Board in other colors? 

At this stage, the display lettering is available in either natural wood, or painted white. The aluminum rails are either black or white. You are able to customize the color combination of your Menu Board to match your interior fit-out. 

Do you make a smaller size Wooden Letter Board?

Yes we sure do, the Scout Letter Board is the smallest of our Menu Boards for your home or cafe. 

How tall does the Wooden Letterbaord Sit on the Wall?

The Menu Board, when mounted to the wall sits 660mm / 26" tall this allows for a space between your letter tiles and display lettering too. The height of your Menu Board can be decreased with less rails or single spacing as well.

Can the Wooden Letter Board be mounted outdoors?

The Wooden Letterboard is designed as an interior menu display. Although the rails are made from aluminum, so it isn't susceptible to rust, the wooden display tiles will last a life time when used indoors only. 

Note: all parts come with screws, however, installation should be done by a qualified builder to ensure it is fixed properly. 

100% Plastic Free

Lifetime Warranty

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Minimalist Design

Exclusive to George & Willy

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