The Scout Letter Board is inspired by lazy board game afternoons with the use of small, wooden, Scrabble-like letter tiles that slot into aluminum rails. Board games are good for bringing people together, encouraging cooperation, not to mention it releases endorphins. We have tried to capture all these benefits and applied them to a menu board which will be contemplated without compromising the quality or feel of your overall interior design.

The Scout Menu Board is our smallest letter board and is inspired by our original, and slightly larger Wooden Letter Board, an option which we think looks great in your home for sharing inspirational quotes, or in your cafe when you have small but special messages that you need to share.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to use the Scout Wooden Letter Board in your cafe, home, business or studio.

Wooden Menu Board

Goal Setting.

Things happen when you write them down. Goals are what take us forward in life, they take us to where we want to be. Goals allow you to have a focus in your life, it helps you measure progress, to see your growth and developments and they make you motivated. We use our changeable letter board to achieve personal development so that when we look back in three months' time, the sense of achievement gives the greatest sense of fulfillment than if we were striving without direction. Define your goals on your menu board.

Display Lettering

Inspirational Quotes.

Share words of wisdom on your wooden letter board. When you share words in your space, it will always be noticed - aim to inspire your visitors with your wooden display lettering or menu board. It encourages a bit of introspection as well, which is perfect when we live in a fast-paced environment.

Display Lettering

Plan ahead. Stay on top of your lifestyle and your upcoming events by listing them where you can see them -on your letter board. By putting them in plain sight, it helps encourage a more organized lifestyle and helps you plan ahead. We like to use our Wooden Menu Board for a gentle reminder of what we have coming up on our social calendars so we don’t get overwhelmed and we can be organized with the perfect gift or platter at the pot-luck.

Wooden Menu Board

Celebrate the small things. Constantly find yourself looking for a recipe, saying or poem? Why not use your scrabble letter board to put it up on your wall as a decoration? It will be helpful and also improve your interior design with the use of beautiful changeable wooden letter tiles. 


Stay Present.

Write your routine with wooden letter tiles. When you have a purpose each day, it encourages fulfillment, focus, and productivity. It helps you take on the day with optimism and energy. On our scout Menu Board, we have 10 ways to have a better working day which helps us create the perfect working day.

If you are looking for larger menu boards there are the changeable magnet menus, the Magnetic Menu Board and the Departures Boardor if you would like wooden bakery menus, the  Park Letter Board is the perfect addition to your interior signage as it is both transportable and offers multiple font sizes of the changeable peg letters which allows you to create a visual hierarchy when you are writing your menu board.