The Chalk Menu Board is perfect for your ever-changing menu board needs. Whether that is as a to-do list, as a weekly specials menu in your cafe, a coffee menu board or as signage at your wedding - the Chalkboard Menu is easily adjustable to suit your signage needs. We thought we’d better help you out with installing the Chalk Menu Board in your space and get the job done right.

You or your handyman are looking at taking about 30-45mins once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process.

Chalkboard Menu

Chalk Menu Board

What you’ll find in the box.



The Chalk Board Menu comes with all the basics for what you need to make the installation an easy process.

Along with the essentials, each set arrives with chalk and two font sized-stencils which makes it easy for perfect penmanship which will help you write the best Chalkboard Menu in your neighborhood!

What could be handy.

WhatCouldBe Handy

Here’s a small list of the things that will be beneficial to the installation process of your Wall Mounted Chalk Board. You should find that most handymen/women will already have these extras in their tool kits.

Step by step installation guide.



Step 1

Select a wallspace to install your Chalkboard For Menu. It is best for the screws to be fixed into studs or a solid wall. Mark the center of the left hole and drill a pilot hole.



Step 2

Using the allen key supplied, hand screw the custom milled hook into the wall until it is flush and fixed - avoid over tightening causing damage to the screw. 



Hook a rectangle tile onto the brass screw. Using a level, mark the centre of the right hole, drill another pilot hole and fasten a second brass hook using the allen key. 



Step 4

Repeat steps 1 and 2 using the square tile, placing it adjacent to the rectangle tile.




Place the spacer on the rectangle tile. Using this as a guide, fasten the screws in place for the second rectangle and square tiles following steps 1-4. Do this for the remaining tiles to complete your Wall Mounted Chalk Board.



Step 6.

Using the stencils and chalk supplied, write your display, menu or message on the tiles of your Chalk Menu Board.

Here are a few photos of the Chalkboard Menu in use to give you some inspiration for installing in your space.

Wall Mounted Chalk Board

Color: Green 

Chalkboard For Menu

Color: Black

Chalkboard Menu

Color: Green


What is used to install the Chalkboard Menu boards?

Each Chalk Menu Board comes with its own set of brass screws and all hardware required for easy installation of your wall-mounted Chalkboard for Menu.

Can the Wall Mounted Chalk Board be drilled into a tile?

Yes, you can mount the Chalkboard Menu to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from the hardware store though as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick. We recommend you get help from a handyman if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How do you know what height to space all of the chalkboards for the cafe menu board?

Each Wall Mounted Chalkboard set comes with spacers to help with easy and simple installation so you can have your menu up and running in no time. 

What tools are needed for installing the Chalk Menu Board?

The Chalkboard Menu comes with all the necessary hardware for getting your cafe menu up and running, all you will need is an extra set of hands, a level, and a drill. 

What are the chalkboard tiles made out of?

The Chalk Menu Board tiles are made powder-coated aluminum which means that they will last a lifetime.

How big is the Chalk Board?

The Wall Mounted Chalk Board is 1160mm / 45.3" tall when mounted on the wall using our spaces – this is just a recommendation though – you can space your menu board whatever height you think will look best to suit your space.

Is there a bigger size of the Chalkboard?

At this stage, we only offer one size of this chalk letter menu board. Otherwise, the Studio Roller is customizable, and this can be purchase in up to 1200mm / 48” in width

Chalk Board Menu

We would love to see how you are using your Chalkboard Menu Tag us in your photos @georgeandwilly or send them through to us at

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