We like things clean, simple and well made. Our aesthetic is minimal and functional and our products are almost always born out of necessity. The Studio Roller was born as we needed somewhere to jot down design ideas and notes. It hits a sweet spot between looking good and being practical.

We like to think of a George & Willy product as being simple, purposeful and a template for our customer's creativity. 

People often ask us the backstory behind each product and what inspired us to make it. Keep reading to see what inspired us to create the things we love sharing with the world.

Studio Roller

In a world with so many digital displays, it's refreshing to go back to basics and put pen to paper. There's something quite cathartic about making notes of your ideas and goals and having them in front of you like that. We needed something like the Studio Roller in our workshop, a place to note ideas, but that was clean, simple and practical. It's inspiring to us that so many others also love the Studio Roller.



The Firestarter was inspired by whalers of the 18th century, and the tools they used to keep warm. Our favourite part about the Firestarters is the way most people are sceptical, it seems a bit unnecessary at first. After a few times using it, however, there's no going back. Most of these are sold via word of mouth, which is the best endorsement.


Baker Menu

As with all our products, the Baker Menu is inspired by our childhood and the good old days. We wanted a display that reminded us of back then, a menu that was playful but still clean and simple. We love the way the letters can be as haphazard as you like, and the three-dimensional nature gives it a relaxed quality. 

Magnetic letter board, Baker Menu, Magnet Wall Board, Cafe Menu Board

Hanging Drying Rack

Most ceiling drying racks have rungs that run lengthwise, but we realised having them sideways would be much better for the balance. If we were a piece of clothing we would much rather be aired over these smooth wooden rungs rather than in a tumble dryer. Shop here: Hanging Drying Rack

Park Letter Board

One of our more functional displays so far. The four-letter sizes allow the user to create a visual hierarchy.

If you need to display the finer details of the menu - this one is for you!

You can easily add another board further down the track. Shop here: 


Arcade Lightbox

You'd be hard pushed to find a pub or diner in the '50s without a lightbox. Something like this had always been on our mind, but we needed it to be timeless and versatile, fitting into any space with ease. It also had to be functional, and as such, it's incredibly easy to change your words and what you want to say.

A-Frame Sign

Its good to be different and its good to be simple. We like to think the A-Frame Sign is both. We were inspired to create something that matched the simple yet function aesthetic fo the products we had made for inside, and so the A-Frame Sign took shape. We like to think it's a good way to say hello when you mean it.


Atelier Letter Board

We always like to look back to our past and our childhoods, but with the Atelier Letter Board, we looked even further back. The time felt right to introduce some luxury but in a practical and functional way. We think the Atelier Letters are timeless, like something you would find in an old railway station or plaques in London.

Letter Display

The Letter Display letterboard was just something fun that we wanted for ourselves and for the workshop, a cool way of displaying words. The Letter Display is obviously inspired by scrabble but like the Baker Menu, inspired by simpler times too. We also think it's our most photogenic display, it looks great almost anywhere.

Wooden Pegboard

We love the Wooden Pegboard because there's no guessing how it works. It's simple, functional and practical. We decided to use the architectural birch so it would work with any space, the creamy off white colour looks great in every context. wooden Pegboard, Pegboard with Wooden Pegs, Pegboard with Shelves

Market Chalk Board

We had always thought of doing a chalkboard but wanted to do so with some character.  With multiple boards, it's easy to change and makes a great seasonal menu. We like that its old-school charm means that it becomes a talking point of your space. 

Chalkboard Menu, Chalk Menu Board, Wall Mounted Chalk Board





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