Content Creator

Can be found with a camera in hand, creating beautiful content. Always planning an adventure and biking or surfing his way around New Zealand.

Will H

Always smiling, Will keeps George and Willy exciting and is usually found sharing our tools with everyone around the world. 


Customer Service

When Rosie isn't representing New Zealand in hockey, she's helping us out around the workshop and answering customer questions. 



Always wearing merino socks. Will loves designing new products and making existing ones even better. He makes sure everything looks good and works well.



George keeps the ethos of George & Willy high and can be found in the workshop.



Diligent and efficient, Phoebe gets stuff done. She's usually drinking tea and talking to people around the world.

We have always believed that a company is simply an extension of the people who are in it. The crew at George & Willy are more like a group of mates who are working on a project together. Each morning we turn up at 7.30, unlock the workshop -  have a cup of tea and get excited about working with honest materials to create new products that are going to be around for generations to enjoy. We all share a passion for the products we make and encourage extracurricular projects outside of work (head over to the journal to see some of these unfold). A simple tradition we love is Hawaiian Friday, it is compulsory for everyone to turn up to work wearing a Hawaiian shirt and if you forget you have to buy a round of coffees. We have also recently implemented a BBQ lunch on Fridays which usually consists of some sort of wild game from our last hunting adventure.

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