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We have always believed that a company is simply an extension of the people who are in it. The crew at George & Willy are more like a group of mates who are working on a project together. Each morning we turn up at 7.30, unlock the workshop -  have a cup of tea and get excited about working with honest materials to create new products that are going to be around for generations to enjoy. We all share a passion for the products we make and encourage extracurricular projects outside of work (head over to the journal to see some of these unfold). A simple tradition we love is Hawaiian Friday, it is compulsory for everyone to turn up to work wearing a Hawaiian shirt and if you forget you have to buy a round of coffees. We have also recently implemented a BBQ lunch on Fridays which usually consists of some sort of wild game from our last hunting adventure.

Unique Design

Our design team is focused on making your business stand out from the crowd. We make products to help you put your best foot forward. You won't find these products anywhere else.

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Quality First

We don't take shortcuts and make things properly - to last a lifetime. We believe honest materials are the building blocks for great design.

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In-house interior design advice

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We live and breathe making spaces look cool and we would love to help you make your business look epic.

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To do our bit we make things to last a lifetime. Quality materials and timeless design means these products will be around for years. Our packaging is plastic free and our aluminium is recyclable.

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Our People

George - Co-Founder

George embodies the George & Willy ethos. A passionate maker and adventurer, he steers the company from a business perspective.

Will - Co-Founder

Always wearing merino socks. A passion for all things design, Will loves creating new products and making existing ones even better.

Sam - Marketing

Sam is our ray of sunshine, taking care of all things email and social media.

Westney - Content Creation

Westney produces beautiful floral arrangements. In the day to day, she is behind the camera creating content.

Holly - Marketing

If she's not surfing or gardening, Holly is looking after our website.

Brandon - Product

Brandon is a wizard on the computer. He spends his day making improvements on current products and designing new ones.

Beau - PR & Marketing

Beau takes care of the PR side of things, making sure we're seen in all the right places.

Ari - Operations

Taking care of everything finance and logistics, Ari gets our products from A to B without a glitch.

Cam - Operations

Cam makes sure everything is on track behind the scenes, working alongside Ari to keep inventory and shipping in check.

Jo - Customer Service

Jo is in charge of customer inquiries, dealing with any queries or questions you might have.

Carina - Product

Our newest recruit at George & Willy, Carina is super creative and helps out in the product department.

Frida - Head of Morale

To be honest, our laziest and least effective staff member. Can’t write an email to save herself, never washed a dish in her life. But look at her.

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