Barn Door Hardware

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Easily transform your Menu Board into a sliding Barn Door with George & Willy's Barn Door Hardware. Great for hiding an alternative menu or message underneath, or just a fun and interactive way to hang your Letter Board.

• Each set comes with two rails and a set of sliders
• Crafted from aluminum 

Our Barn Door Hardware is compatible with the following Menu Boards:

Dowel Letter Board
Menu Board
Stamp Menu Board
Wooden White Board
Magnet Chalkboard
Departures Board

Please note - If you wish to hang two boards you will need to purchase two sets of Barn Door Hardware.


One Rail Size: 31.5"/800mm (W)

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If you wish to hang two boards you will need to purchase an additional set of Barn Door Hardware.

What is the Barn Door Hardware made from?

The Barn Door Slider is made from high-quality steel and aluminum metals.

How big is the Barn Door Hardware track?

Each rail is 31.5"/800mm long. Two rails are included, so you can choose to use one or two of the rails

Can I purchase this with longer rails, or at a custom length?

Unfortunately not. We sell these as single packs with two rails in each Barn Door Hardware pack. They come with an adaptor, so if you purchase two packs of the Barn Door Hardware you can match them up using all four, or just a few.

Can I mount the Barn Door Hardware track to a brick or concrete wall?

Absolutely! You will just need to get some special screws from a hardware store. The screws included are designed for wood only. We'd also recommend asking your local handyman or builder to help, as mounting to tile or brick can be tricky.

How do I install the Barn Door Hardware slider?

The Barn Door installation is relatively easy. You will need a level and a drill. Making sure its level is really important - you don't want your menu sliding off the end. If you're not confident with basic DIY, we recommend you have someone who is handy on the tools to help you. There is an easy-to-follow installation booklet that comes with your hardware.

Can I fit two boards on the rails?

Yes! You can fit two boards on the two rails. However, each set of hardware only comes with two sliders. If you wish to have two boards mounted you will need to buy another set.

Which of your products can I use the Barn Door Hardware slider with?

Currently, these products are compatible with the Barn Door Hardware: Dowel Letter Board, Stamp Menu, Menu Board, Magnet ChalkboardDepartures Board, and Wooden White Board.

How tall does the Barn Door Hardware sit above the board?

To the top of the Barn Door roller rail, it is about 85mm or 3.35" from the top of the board, so the whole height of the board and Barn Door Hardware is about 885mm or 34.8".

Assembly Instructions

The Barn Door Hardware is very easy to put together, with handy instructions below.

Download Instructions PDF