Similar in appearance to a classic departure board in an airport, the Menu Board is easily changeable and perfect for displaying any message, whether it's a motivational quote in the office, a menu in a restaurant or cafe, or a shopping list at home. See how we use it and find inspiration for your own sliding letter board.

Menu Board sliding metal letter display

Cafe menu

For displaying a selection of coffees, cold drinks, baked goods or sandwiches, the Menu Board is the perfect option for showing customers your offering, and easily changeable for updating menus with the seasons or days of the week. The letter tiles come in black and white, so you can swap the colours depending on your interiors. You could also use one colour as a title or heading, and one color for the list or message underneath.

To-do list

A fun way to jot down your tasks and to-dos, create a list on the Menu Board with the aluminium letters and take them off as and when the tasks are completed. It’s an enjoyable and therapeutic process, and there’s no end to the benefits of writing a to-do list, including making tasks appear more manageable, and freeing up space in your mind to tackle each job.

Menu Board Display George and Willy

In the kitchen

Add an important recipe to the Menu Board and you won’t miss a vital ingredient or step. By adding the process to the wall-mounted letter board, you’ll see the recipe nice and clearly, and rather than having to read long, confusing sentences, can simplify the recipe by putting it into your own words. Adding a checklist to a wall-mounted board is also a great way to memorise the process, so if there’s something you’re wanting to learn off by heart, add it to the Menu Board.


Whether you’re offering workshops, classes or workouts, the Menu Board can function as a brilliant timetable board, displaying times and locations for what’s on offer each day. Whether you need to let clients know where their pilates and yoga classes are being held, or you have a few events coming up you want to notify guests about, the aluminium letter board is a multi-functional letter display that can easily be updated and changed.


Timetable wall-mounted board George and Willy

Find inspiration

Add your favourite quote to the Menu Board in your home or office and be reminded of it every day. Whether inspirational, motivational or entertaining, use the aluminium letters to spell out a quote and have it showcased on the wall. If you're using the Menu Board in a shared workplace, each person could take it in turns to add their own and share their favorites.

Menu Board with barn door hardware

Once you've decided how to use the Menu Board, you could also pair it with the Barn Door Hardware for a fun way to mount the Menu Board on the wall, or as an easy way to hide and reveal a menu, message or quote. Simply slide the letter board in one direction to expose it, and in the other direction to hide it again. The Barn Door Hardware is super simple to install, and you could mix and match between our display boards or lettering for an interesting, interactive display.

For a slightly smaller option of the Menu Board, take a look at the Scout Letter Board, and for more letter display boards, see our Magnetic Menu Board and luxury Atelier Letter Board. For something slightly different, the Market Chalkboard Menu is a great way to display too.