Customer Profile: Katie Gebhardt of Solstice Interiors


Everyone loves a bit of free advertising. Here are a few quick ways you can get your customers to share your space with their followers.

Words on the wall

Everyone loves a bit of wisdom mixed with humour. It can be an interesting talking point when you are with a friend, a point to ponder when you are waiting in line solo or a fun addition to your daily Instagram story and, even better when the medium is interesting as well.

We created a fun range of message displays so you can easily employ this technique to get your cafe shared more often. 


Click here to check out our Letter Display letterboard

People love Color

Cafe’s are using colour as part of their identity and it’s effective. It photographs easily on smartphones. 



Make things different

People like things which are a little bit different, our Merchant Sign is a functional sidewalk sign with a bit of character. Mixed with good branding the Merchant sign is a fun welcome from the street and another reason people will share your cafe on Instagram. 

Click here to check out the Merchant Sign



Make it easy

Somewhere on your wall or on the menu, you should have your Instagram handle and hashtag. Give them the idea and help to make sure they tag you. Our Studio Roller is a great way to scribble your hashtag and handle alongside your daily special.

Click here to check our the Studio Roller

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