Large Pricing Signs - Set of 12

$110 USD $140

Color: Black

A smaller version of our Counter Signs, the Pricing Signs are a better way to price the little things. Available in two sizes and a range of colors, there’s a price display to suit your space.


Sign Face: 3.4"/88mm (L) x 0.43"/11.06mm (W)
Magnet Letters: 0.3"/7mm (L) x0.2"/5mm (W)
Material: Steel, Magnet
Weight: 1.1lbs/0.5kgs

*Includes 12 x individual signs & 1,716 x letters, numbers, and symbols.
Suitable for indoor use only.


How big is the faceplate on the large metal price signs?

The faceplate on the metal Pricing Sign measures 8.8cm/3.4” x 0.71cm/0.27”.

Do you sell a different size of the Large Pricing Signs?

Absolutely! We also sell the Pricing Signs which are a little smaller, and also have the Counter Signs, Card Counter Signs, and Standing Counter Signs for larger versions. Take a look at our full range of Tabletop Signage for more options.

How many letters and numbers come with the changeable Price Signs?

Each order of the price displays comes with four sheets of magnet letters and numbers, with 1,716 symbols in total.

How many Large Pricing Signs will come in each pack?

Each pack comes with 12 Pricing Signs and four sheets of magnetic letters, perfect for adding prices to your shop's products and cabinet food. 

What material is the metal price sign made from?

The Pricing Signs are made from magnetic steel.

Can the small magnetic signs be used outside?

The price display signs should not be used outdoors, as they are not considered weatherproof.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sam Baker @generalservice_

Handwriting can be crowded and messy. The pricing signs are a beautiful way to consistently speak to your
customer, and we use ours wherever we can

Short Wave
Constant Comments from Customers

These are adorable! I get constant comments from customers about how cute they are and how nice they look. They give my displays a polished yet fun look. Easy to use and tidy to store in their little slide top tin. They are very sturdy and the powder coating is perfect. I love the color, too.

Chris Roper

The " Large pricing signs" really brought our display case to life!

Dorothy June Booksellers
So thrilled with this product

We are absolutely in love with the pricing signs! We've only had them displayed for about a week, and customers have already complimented them. They are so useful, and such an easy way to tell the prices of various items without having to use large, unattractive signs. Plus, the color is perfect. Thank you George and Willy!!

Özge Harvey
Love it!

This is the 5th time I’m buying from these signs. I can use them at my store and events and change them easily based in my needs. Love them!